The South African Cannon Association (SACA) serves its purpose in terms of the following goals:

- The legal firing of those muzzle loading cannon that are still serviceable, in the commemoration of historical events and the celebration of important cultural events.

- Sharing historical facts surrounding the muzzle loading cannon of South Africa to keep that history alive in the minds of the community.

- Sharing technical facts about muzzle loading cannon.

- Providing guidance on how to obtain the legal authority to possess muzzle loading cannon and black powder.

- Providing training in the safe and legal handling of muzzle loading cannon.

- Providing links to providers of cannon, black powder and gunnery training.

- Providing an opportunity for muzzle loading enthusiast to advertise their firing events.

- Providing an opportunity for photographers to share their photos of cannon and firing events with the muzzle loading fraternity.

- Creating an opportunity for the public to hire qualified gunners with the required legal authority to fire cannon at special events.

- Creating a network with organisations who have similar objectives.

- Providing a discussion forum for fellow muzzle loading enthusiasts.

- Involving the public in the location, movement and preservation of cannon.
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