Grietjie of Blood River
Grietjie was one of two cannon used by the Boers of the Great Trek against the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River.

This famed cannon was mounted on the rear axle of an ox wagon.

Grietjie had the bad habit of flipping over backwards when she was fired. This eventually caused her muzzle to break.

Grietjie's broken muzzle was repaired with a piece of iron from a wagon wheel. During the Anglo-Boer War, this inspired Marthinus Ras to build the famous "Ras" cannon.

Grietjie was also utilised against the British during the Anglo Boer War.

Grietjie is currently preserved in the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.
Illustration of the Boer Lager at the Battle of Blood River
The "Ras" cannon of the Anglo-Boer War
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