The Long Toms of the Anglo-Boer War
The Boers had four French Creusot cannon. Those cannon were known as the "long Toms". The Long Toms were breech loading cannon. They were purchased to protect the city of Pretoria from the forts that were built around it. However, these cannon were soon deployed on the battle field and never served their original purpose in the forts.

One of these Creusot cannon was deployed during the Siege of Ladysmith, where its muzzle got badly damaged. after which the cannon was taken back to Pretoria for repairs. The repairs consisted of cutting the damaged piece of muzzle off, after which the Boers called the cannon "the Jew" (as it has been circumcised), while the British referred to it as the "Short Tom".

The Boers destroyed their cannon as they expended all their ammunition, in order to prevent the British from using them against them.


- Manufacturer:           Schneider et Cie, Le Creusot, France
- Gun barrel length:     4.2 metres (13 feet 11 inches)
- Gun barrel mass:      2 500 kg (5 512 lb)
- Gun barrel calibre:    155 mm (6 inches)
- Striking distance:      9 km (5 miles)
- Shell types:             Grenade, Shrapnel and Grape-Shot
- Shell mass:             40.6 kg (90 lb)
- Total mass:              6 250 kg (13 800 lb)
- Total length:             7.5 m (24 feet 7 inches)
- Drawn by:                16 oxen
Boers with a Long Tom en route to Kimberley
Boers with a Long Tom in action at Mafeking
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