The 9-inch cannon at Simon's Town is a rifled muzzle loading (RML)cannon with a bore diameter of 9 inches, located at Middle North Battery.

This cannon was placed in its position by the British.

With the commissioning of more modern cannon in defense of the Simon's Town coast line, the 9-inch cannon became obsolete and was abandoned to vandalism and deterioration. That was until Warrant Officer (Class 1) Harry Croome, a member of the Cannon Association of South Africa (CAOSA) succeeded in becoming the custodian of the cannon. Since then the cannon was restored as far as possible and was proof fired again for the first time in 108 years before the Navy Festival of April 2011.

The historicity of this proof firing is emphasised by the fact that no one present at the previous firing of the cannon was alive anymore.

The 9-inch is still fired at special occasions like the commemoration of Heritage Day, Youth Day, Freedom Day, Reconcilliation Day and during the annual Navy Festival.
The cannon of Hout Bay
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GOOGLE MAP to the 9-inch RML cannon of Simon's Town.


- Manufactured at the Royal Gun Factory, Woolwich, in 1865.
- 9 inch Mk 1
- Serial number 22
- Weight 12,5 tons.
- Range 6,000 yards at 13 degrees elevation and 45 lbs charge.
- Projectile weight 256 lb muzzle velocity 1,440 ft/sec.
- Deployed in Halifax 1866 to 1878.
- Moved to Bermuda in 1878 until 1881.
- Modified for ships of the "Shah" class before moved to Bermuda.
- Used at Sheerness proving range 1881 to 1885.
- Moved to Simonís Town in 1896.
- Last fired 27 April 1903, 3 full rounds.
- Struck off charge on 19 September 1906.
- Restored by the Gun Shop, Dock Yard Simons Town in 1983/84.
- Fired again for the first time in 108 years on 16 March 2011.