Learning how to load and fire a muzzle loading cannon is fairly easy. Obtaining effective and efficient training on the other hand isn't.

In order to obtain training from SACA in firing a muzzle loading cannon, you need to obtain the following first:

- A black powder competency certificate
- A black powder permit
(Please see our FAQ page on how to achieve this.)

The purpose of these course prerequisites is to make you compliant with the legal requirements to fire a muzzle loading cannon.

Once you have obtained the above, you are welcome to contact us to arrange practical training in safely maintaining and firing a muzzle loading cannon. Our course is based on the world-renowned principles of Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI) and as well as the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

This means: 

- That your training will start with an assessment of what you already know and are able to do, as well as
- That you will know exactly what competent performance looks like and what standards you need to achieve before training commences.
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CRI cuts down on training time (and trainee frustration) and builds your self-efficacy super quick.

These are skills that only professionally trained trainers know how to apply and having the ability to apply these skills in our course design and assessment methods is what sets our training program apart from the rest.